We are long time players in the cleaning industry and all of our team members are dedicated and professional. We perform our job with the utmost respect. If you feel heart from our team members behavior or don't like their work, we will immediately change that person. Or still not satisfied, we will agree your terms and pay you back.

The cleaning time depends upon the type of cleaning and size of cleaning area. A normal 3bedroom house or a small office take 7-8 hours for best cleaning.

We at Cairns Cleaning Masters agree that man can never always be perfect. We’re always ready to correct our mistakes. When we complete our cleaning process, within 2-3 days if you found any area or object cleaning is missed, or you are not satisfied with the cleaning. You can call us immediately. Within minimum working days our cleaning master will visit and clean that area/object without changing any extra cost.

We use modern technology and different types of professional cleaning equipments according to the situations. Our main equipments includes vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, scrubbing machines and all required cleaning essentials. For soft objects cleaning like - Sofa set, Carpet etc, we prefer to use sponge and steam cleaning without harming the objects. Wheres for floor cleaning we use moping and floor scrubbing pads.

We are happy to introduce ourselves as customized cleaning masters. You're always welcome for any type of cleaning services needs. You can contact us and discuss your cleaning requirements with our respected cleaning masters. According to your needs we'll quote you the price list. Here's its must to ensure that we always assure you the best disinfect environment for any of your cleaning needs.

For House cleaning we offer sofa and other furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning, garage cleaning, kitchen equipments like - oven, Refrigerator, Canopies cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window and Doors Cleaning.

For a office cleaning we offer furniture cleaning, floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning, carpet cleaning, doors and window cleaning

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